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Clayton attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School, where he met schoolmates with whom he co-founded U2 in 1976.

A member of the band since its inception, he has recorded 14 studio albums with U2.

A second ceremony and a lavish wedding reception will commence in France beginning Friday.

This is Clayton's first marriage; he was briefly engaged to supermodel Naomi Campbell in 1994 but they broke up months later.

He was interested in pop music, which students were not allowed to listen to.

His introduction to the world of popular music was around the age of 10, listening to rock operas such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Hair, and other material that was midway between classical and popular music.

Clayton and Teixeira have been dating for four years.

were there."Adam Clayton is delighted to confirm that he married Mariana De Carvalho today in Dublin," a spokesperson confirmed.

In 1996, while still in New York, Clayton collaborated with Mullen to re-record the Mission: Impossible theme.

Bono said of Clayton's early bass playing, "Adam used to pretend he could play bass.

He came round and started using words like 'action' and 'fret' and he had us baffled.

He had the only amplifier, so we never argued with him.

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In 1981, around the time of U2's second, spiritually charged album, October, a rift was created in the band between Clayton and Mc Guinness, and the three other band members.

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