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Possibly Anne's bad temper was the result of a row with her husband, who increasingly looks pathetic.

The proffered, lame excuse that she was worried about her daughter's crash a few days earlier in a freebie Land Rover was an insult to our intelligence.

During the past few days she's had her meals in bed at Sandringham, where she's said to be surly and badtempered to servants.

The Princess is vivid proof that we end up with the appearance we deserve. There are no signs of wisdom, contentment, humility or generosity in her face.

There was a time I was totally against downloading a dating app.

There will be no waiting in out-patients or hours spent in a corridor on a trolley.She looks what she is, which is a bitter, unhappy, selfish, old woman. She adored being the centre of attraction and now finds if difficult to live on the sidelines.A poll taken in December showed that in the last decade the number of those who feel the Royal Family is important to Britain has declined from 68pc to 52pc.Happn I heard about this app from a friend who described it as “basically, kind of like meeting someone in real person.” Happn connects you with people that you’ve crossed paths with once or even multiple times.It’s like a digital interpretation of what could happen if you finally talk to the guy that’s always in front of you at the coffee shop.

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Princess Anne has been eulogised for her work with Save The Children as though she's a saint.

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