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The same steps are used in Share Point Online as in an on-premises environment.

Go to the content type definition in the hub and select the (if you’ve made a change to an existing content type) from this screen: Once content types have been published from the Content Type Hub, all subscribing site collections will automatically receive updates of the content types.

In Share Point Online, you cannot control these jobs.

At the time of this writing, this can take Publishing the same How do you publish content types from the Hub?

I am using sharepoint feature upgrade to upgrade my content types and lists.

I am a tenant global administrator and was surprised that I didn’t have access.

What I discovered is the original O365 Tenant Account has access to the Content Type Hub and that account will need to grant administrative access to the site.

Simply put Content Type inheritance don’t work for XML based content types.

Share Point does not check what fields you’ve added/deleted/changed since you last deployed your content type feature, so you don’t have the “luxury” (it bloody well work!

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diego_cell/8c595349-5de1-4c29-8c7f-769c2c8aed65 (63): Action Failed get_task: Task b697cd2d-64c7-41d3-498a-e78584ba38b4 result: Stopping Monitored Services: Stopping services '[consul_agent]' errored () Failed updating instance diego_cell The max-in-flight value in Ops Manager needs to be reduced in order to prevent too many Diego cells from being updated simultaneously.

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