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Updating hp thin clients

Backups are also done locally over the LAN for improved performance and disaster recovery.

Xen Client is used by organizations for many different purposes.

Xen Client Express is the free edition of Xen Client Enterprise which provides access to the Xen Client Engine and a license to use the Xen Client Synchronizer for up to 10 devices.

It is designed for IT professionals, consultants, and small businesses.

The second is the Xen Client Enterprise Synchronizer, the management server which manages multiple Xen Client Enterprise Engines.

It enforces security through features including AES-256 full disk encryption, VM isolation, remote kill, lockout, USB filtering, and VLAN tagging.Xen Client supports use cases such as disconnected operation on laptops, limited connectivity environments (such as branch offices), and other use cases where use of local execution is desired and centralized management is required.another provider of client-hosted desktop virtualization solutions.It includes features such as image management, patching and updating, backup and recovery, security and policy management, and PC migration.It is designed for enterprises and is available either standalone or through Xen Desktop Enterprise and Platinum editions.

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It uses the open source Xen hypervisor which lets users run multiple virtual machines simultaneously.

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