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I WB2-blanketten skal der endvidere tilføjes oplysninger til punkt 3. Dataansvarlig og databehandlere I anmeldelsesblankettens punkt 1 skal anføres navnet på den dataansvarlige virksomhed.

This movie is a shame for the viewers' intelligence.

I'll put aside the embarrassing mistakes in Hebrew (didn't you have Israeli actors on the set?

), what troubles me more is the inaccuracies in historical facts, and the actual 'creation' of allegedly legal documentations that never existed.

And in his later recollection of this scene in prison he states that it took place while the Reich was collapsing - although in 1943 it still ruled most of Europe.

See more » When a film's starting sentence is 'based on a true story' or if you know that the story behind the film actually took place, you expect at least the facts to be close to reality.

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With the defeat of Germany that ends World War II in Europe, the Allies discover the ...

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