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Posted by / 11-Oct-2017 14:53

Sexy images web

This year, be sexy, confident and unique in something that looks a little different from what the herd is sporting. Take a style cue from the following celebrities and get inspired by their embellishment-less ensembles.

Some of these looks are so simple, you may already have the main pieces in your closet.

On 14 June 2016, unreliable web site Sadiq Khan, London’s first Muslim mayor, announced Monday that “body shaming” advertisements will no longer be allowed in London’s public transport …

Recently, advertisements featuring bikini-clad models in the British city of Birmingham were spray painted over. Adverts which put Londoners under pressure over body image are to be banned from the Tube and bus network.

So you have no time to go NYE dress shopping—you're not alone.

Sadiq Khan announced that Transport for London would no longer run ads which could cause body confidence issues, particularly among young people.

The Mayor, a father of two teenage daughters, warned the ads could “demean” women and encourage them to conform to unrealistic or unhealthy body shapes.

), and making somebody feel guilty for not prioritising it by questioning their personal choices is a step too far.

A body’s function is far more intricate and important than looking ‘beach ready’, so in fact it is Protein World who have confused their priorities, if anyone.

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It means controversial adverts like Protein World’s “Are you beach body ready?