Online dating funny openers for girls

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So, demonstrating value involves saying good things about yourself in a subtle way. By saying good things about yourself, you’re pumping your value up, making yourself more interesting, and differentiating yourself from all the other dudes out there.

Here are some good qualities you can mention, usually in stories: -being social -travel -financial stability -having female friends -having ex girlfriends -something you’re passionate about -a funny event that recently took place -your friends are badasses that do crazy shit, and you admire it -anything, really, as long as it’s interesting. Instead of being the boring same guy that shows up and starts asking questions, you can be the interesting guy that says hello and talks about his trip to Thailand.

When most guys approach a group of women, they introduce themselves, then immediately launch into questions. The interview style questions you’re throwing at her won’t provide her with the information she craves.

Note: This happens naturally with your friends, because otherwise you wouldn’t be friends with them. All you’re doing is asking her questions about herself. Meanwhile, she wants to know about you, to see if you’re interesting enough to talk to.

She’ll be sure to chime in, and either ask questions about your life, or give some examples of her own.

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What I’m going to tell you isn’t the ultimate magical routine that’s going to save the day.

She makes up an excuse, and wanders off to continue whatever she was doing before you interrupted and brain farted. I’m going to get right to the point: everybody has a different opinion about what you’re supposed to say to a woman.

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