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Here cnno,uerin» Turk* luiill i mountain eyrie Mime 500 years ago. To tlir east lies the crowded Turkish quarter huddled under the walls td an old fortress.

Next morning we viewed ihe city from an if'induoni Moslem cemetery atop Puligon Mountain.

No.2 WASHINGTON I'KJSRI AKY, 1951 1 THE 1 'maqaime ILL U i&a TUl Jtti- tt - " 5 .gisi-^ E ** E g _ ■a s SHI- «j C 5 q c c = i « hi Wished Willi ahvncti ul c*J tlit camera t Vi'iu Minis atn\ rrialivrt ran oui la .m Ihx tun, dhnulnl rnc Tiiira ETmrnl — trim she beamed. lull ol prtp BI bite luii Koxmin a sterp 20-fuut railway embankment crossing •he road blocked our advance. .\ ,\ or through this major obstacle Juid I teen provided.

A tenth of Vugp- slavrus 16,000,030 population are Modems; hi iirrtiit)l;imm Ls Bosnia the fraction jum|& to thrijc lifths.

A recent Kosrlan faw [orlric L the wearing of the veil, but we saw these short black lace coverings everj'where in parts of Yugoslavia iioce rulnl h\ the Sultan. heep 'Mid ^oats Moekitiif tlit* road- I'lw Uiiup men in prmtaloorr* nnd lornwl-iip s:mdais W |i:ilirnl humtf fa rrying loads twin 1 their M7.e.

Ueyond Bijeljinn the mauiiuuiifi pfevr bo Mer; seldom in hijrh cear we climli-*il ami dipped on n tortuous ledpr b Lislwl from Kvinu ruck. A pack-horse caravan, rearing and plunging, look to the hills at our approach High ahtivr .1 riiiiny •ihmiom Iii funem.

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"Pickaninnies" in Sarajevo llft/.jiflr With a young Moslem guide we wandered die old city 's narrow g reets, met I he stphts.

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