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If you don't renewal on 12/26/2015 somebody can take it.

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now close Picasa and let’s get really started :-) Two reminders before we start: \App Data\Local\Google\ folder – if you do, you likely copied them to the new destination instead of moving.

Nick, A legitimate complaint can hardly be called a "rant"!They only offered you the 0 rebate for a new car because the DEALERSHIP is in the business of sellin cars, why are they gonna wanna do warranty work (lose money) when they can sell you a new car and make money.I loved your post, because it's such a precise description of the issues I had in my '07 Legacy.While passing a car at 60MPH on the highway, the engine went bust.There's my .02 cents but what do I know, I'm just a Mechanic myself.

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