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Journalists have to be careful when they decide to write about the drug violence in Mexico because little things can incur a reprisal; using simple words like "organized crime" are often just what they need to anger a drug trafficking organization.

Criminal organizations target journalists for various reasons.

Throughout the 1970s and the 1980s, Mexico was the most dangerous country for journalists in all of Latin America.

However, most of the attacks against the press were carried out by upset drug traffickers and corrupt law enforcement officials because they were the ones mentioned in the press.

Using these organizations as the bases of his support, Crdenas then reorganized the PNR in 1938, renaming it the Party of the Mexican Revolution (Partido de la Revolucin Mexicana--PRM), incorporating the CTM and the CNC and giving the PRM an organization by sectors: labor, agrarian, popular, and military.

When the Mexican government began to sell off the media public enterprises in the 1980s, more autonomous and independent newspapers with diversity in their news coverages were born.

During this decade, the PRI began to lose several local and state elections, and eventually lost the presidency in 2000 to the National Action Party (PAN), after they had won every presidential election since 1929.

Among the most common one is to silence the press in the areas they operate in, and especially when the groups are trying to establish their presence in an area.

They also kill journalists as retributions for publications that may damage their business.

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Through the government's use of informal coercion and media blackout, the Mexican press became accustomed to limit their reports to what state officials said.