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He later broke up with Amber and she became attracted to a mysterious bartender named Cane Ashby, who supposedly was the missing Chancellor son.

She then drugged Cane and orchestrated a fax wedding with the help of Alison Stewart.

Not very many people seemed to like Gutterflower all that much but the songs Big Machine, Sympathy, and What A Scene really moved me! I sing along to all the songs at their concerts when they come to Atlanta and my friends all think i'm crazy cause I know every word! i'm IN LOVE with the goo goo dolls, i think i like their harder stuff like on a boy named goo better than the ballady stuff like on let love in, but that is not to say i am not completely infatuated with every single one of them. Both Robby Takac and John Rzeznik are awesome songwriters.

I also saw the Goo Goo Dolls, Counting Crows concert! They were my first concert and I could tell eveyone loved them way more than the Counting Crows GOO GOO DOLLS ROCK! only one is my favorite but black balloon is a very close second. All I've heard is that he and John had a falling out and unreconsiable differences. You might think that Mike Malinan is just a replacement drummer, but he's very very good (listen to "All Eyes On Me").

In 2006, she reprised her role as Amber in The Young and the Restless.For myself, I knew the song and loved it that they played it but for most people it was not "Iris". I will say the M-One line up was Simple Plan (2nd band on stage as they were an unknown band), Default, Lifehouse, Nickelback, Tea Party, Midnight Oil, Billy Idol, Garbage, Goo Goo Dolls. I was front row all day and was just awesome I personally like Dizzy Up The Girl and Gutterflower the best! OMG I love this band I own every album and know ALMOST every song by heart! Fin décembre 2009, Adrienne Frantz se fiance avec Scott Bailey.Le 11 novembre 2011, Adrienne Frantz et Scott Bailey se marient.

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